IGN - The 10 Most Hated Pokemon

IGN - Here at IGN, we love Pokemon. Which is why we've been beating you over the head with it for the last three months or so. When we ran out Top 100 Pokemon feature, there were 549 Pokemon that weren't on the list. People raged and screamed that their favorite Pokemon was nowhere to be seen.

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7SBuzzLightyear7S2779d ago

I must say, Pikachu is one of my most hated. As much as I loved to use him in Pokemon Yellow (Slam attack against Brock's Pokemon and Thundershock/Thunberbolt against Cerulean City Gym's trainers), he just became another annoying rat.

KingBaslam2776d ago

i never did like Druddigon from generation 5. it looked like a child's drawing that got approved by Nintendo for a Pokemon because they were running out of ideas.