Kuma War Introduces The Death of Osama Bin Laden

Kuma War is a kind of platform with many short and very different episodes which you play as FPS or TPS according to the subject. It let you revive militarian conflicts.

It had 106 episodes and the game was abandonned for Kuma War 2. But today, Kuma Games’ developer has announced the arrival of a very last episode. Episode 107 will conclude the Kuma War 1 series with an explosive story: The Death of Osama Bin Laden.

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nevin12782d ago

[email protected] at a video game where you raid bin laden's compound and capture/kill him.

Winter47th2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

It's not enough you celebrate his death now you're making a good ol' uncle Sam videogame about him? "Durrr i dunt selebrate pplz death but i lyke to do it since it's osamah" Hypocritical much?

He's dead, move on, find another scapegoat to justify your failures.

OT: What the hell is Kuma Wars?

nevin12782d ago

What are you talking about.

aaabbbccc43242782d ago

the mission to eliminate osama bin laden would make an awesome add-on for mw2, i would buy it

clintos592782d ago

I would never wish death upon anyone but a man like bin laden who toys with life as if he is a god is uncalled for & he had it coming. This is victory for those who were killed by him but this war is far from over. I just hope that with saddam & bin laden out of the picture their country can come together & rebuild & not have to live a life of fear but freedom.

Killzone3___2782d ago

they didn't kill Osama bin laden because they don't have an evidnce , they just say they killed him , through him in the sea and put a fake picture of him from 2009 , i wish if they did it but they are doing this lie because elections are very soon , to have a reason to leave or stay in afghanistan and to say they do good things but they dont , these are the only reasons ..
bin laden deserve killing and we all want it but he is just a tool..

aaabbbccc43242782d ago

the team that killed osama bin laden was sgt.woods, sev jenko, nathan drake and alex mason!

Calm Down Sunshine2782d ago

If that's what you want to believe..

KingPin2782d ago

you sir are also mistaken

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