Sony’s Shittiest Golden Week Ever

Kotaku: This week in Japan is "Golden Week", a consecutive string of national holidays. While companies and the stock markets are closed, the entire country is on vacation. Everyone, it seems, except Sony.

Popular Golden Week destinations traditionally include Hawaii, Okinawa or Guam, or at hotspots across the country. This year, with the Japanese economy in the toilet and the country still dealing with the earthquake, more people seem to be either traveling close to home or staying there, enjoying a break from the hustle and bustle of work.

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movements2753d ago

Bad year for Sony indeed.

zootang2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Little Big Planet 2, Killzone 3, Motorstorm Apocalyse, DC Universe online, MLB11: The show, Move Heroes, Socom 4 and Yakuza 4.

Not been a bad year for me. Bad month maybe, but year? C'mon.

2753d ago
Max_Dissatisfaction2753d ago

PS3 hacked, Killzone 3 pirated, Socom 4 reviews abysmal, Credit Cards and personal info debacle, LG lawsuit, info leak class action suit, Japan earthquake factory damage, Motorstorm release mess, PSN down...
It's been a bad year for SONY, those games were great for gamers, not necessarily SONY.

Scyrus2753d ago


sooooo if this is a bad year for sony, what is it for MS?

cant think of anything coming out for xbox besides gears 3 and kinect stuff,

Zootangs above list was games that came out.

he didnt mention infamous 2, uncharted 3, resistance 3, last guardian along with a few other exclusives. aslong as the games keep comin i dont care,

this month has been w/e with psn down but u need to grow up and stop being a fanboy, go play kinect or somethin

Kurt Russell2753d ago

Nice one Scyrus... you listed even more games whilst missing the point Max_Dis made entirely.

I take my hat off at your stupidity and look forward to meeting your offspring.

FishCake9T42753d ago

What has this got to do with MS?
Why is it that when ever anything bad happens to Sony the fanboys go into damage control mode.
Personally i cant wait till all this is over and get back online to play MK9 and P2.

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THC CELL2753d ago

they will make a come back at e3 as they always win anyways

mrmancs2753d ago

fo*ken serves em right!*shakes fist*

Mikelarry2753d ago

It has been a bad year and i do hope they can recover from all these bad press.

crematory2753d ago

actually its a bad year for whole japan