Bulletstorm PC Patch Released

DasReviews writes: "Epic Games released a new PC patch for People Can Fly’s FPS shooter, Bulletstorm. The patch will auto-download next time you fire up Steam. This patch introduces a number of small bug fixes and makes a few changes to the matchmaking for owners of the Gun Sonata DLC..."

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antauwnehart2784d ago

Is anyone still even playing this game! Most gamers probably only got it for the gears 3 beta!

Caleb_1412784d ago

I certainly didn't pick it up. The only way I would've even considered doing so was if my gaming library was scarce and there were no other amazing games which would be worth my money... both of which are untrue in my case.

ATiElite2784d ago

This is the PC version and PC gamers DO NOT get a gears3 beta key only 360 owners.

I have no clue as to why they even wasted their time with a PC patch as NO ONE bought it except maybe family members of the Devs but that's about it.

your right about the 360 owners buying it...they wanted that Gear3 key. if it didn't have that then the sales would be even LOWER!

Bulletstorm = better used as a coaster or to level a table.

bumnut2784d ago

I played it at a friends house and got bored within 20 mins.