PlayStation Move: Fail or Phenomenon? History, present and future on PSNow!

The story of motion controllers for the PlayStation family from 1999, and an exhaustive look to the present market and the future.

Fail or Phenomenon?

A sweet read for videogame lovers.

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ColossiSlayer2784d ago

Ive played with the Sharpshooter on KZ3 and I must say, once you get the controls down its a very fluid experience. Advanced SS user may even have an advantage over DS3 users.

newn4gguy2784d ago

Move is awesome!

It's the unwillingness of the consumer to buy more motion controllers and the lack of Move-only titles that really bogs it down.

It's great on KZ3, MAG, and Socom 4! I play Start The Party, Sports Champions, and Heavy Rain with Move all the time.

Hidalgo2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I can't help but totally agree with you. Move is technically brilliant.

Lack of Move-Only killer apps is what is putting Move behind, and exactly what it needs to success.

And if we take this two sentences from a logical point of view, why are we not seeing new ground-breaking games?

I mean, c'mon, they've got the tech right there!! Developers can make almost whatever they have in their minds.

jneul2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

move is awesome, nothing will change that fact just carry on being patient we have more hardcore games that have move support like kz3 and socom4, soon we get sorcery a move only game can't wait:-D