EA's Syndicate remake is 'a GTA wannabe'

CVG: Neighbouring studio claims surprise shake-up for Starbreeze game.

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rayzorn2759d ago

hate when all games try to be the same. i liked the first syndicate alot for what it was. wish it would just stay the same. we got enough sandbox games already.

i was excited to hear they where making a new one till i read this article.

edhe2758d ago

Syndicate *was* a sandbox game. You're given tools and a location and a task to complete any way you wish.

rayzorn2758d ago

not saying there hasnt been a sandbox syndicate cause i really dont know of them all. but the 2 that i played for pc and atari jaguar back in the day where squad based rts. of sorts. those where the first ones made. so thats how i still see the franchise

edhe2758d ago

Yes.. with sandbox gameplay..

EliteDave932759d ago

We need more games like GTA and Saints row anyway so i think its a good thing.

yess2759d ago

Still playing Just Cause 2 ;-)

NYC_Gamer2758d ago

no we need more original games instead of clones

AAACE52759d ago

I'm confused... Wasn't this the game that was rumored to be an Xbox 360 exclusive?

KruLLit2758d ago

I think a Sci-fi GTA game would be awesome :)