Five Essential... Movie to Video Game Adaptations

If you’re a fan of movies and / or video games then chances are you’ll already be more than aware that the movie tie-in is little more than a recipe for disaster. It seems that in developer-land, the phrase “Official Video Game of the Movie” provides an excuse for rushing out a poor-quality game, often bearing little resemblance to the film with which it shares its name, and generally looking to ride the success of the latest summer blockbuster with a sub-standard cash-in. Ever since Atari dumped millions of copies of E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial into a Mexican landfill site, the movie tie-in has delivered some of the most painful gaming experiences known to man. Only a select few have ever managed to rise above average, and here present they're picks of the very best…

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Pikajew2781d ago

I have 3 of those games.

CodyFelton2780d ago

Star Wars:The Old Republic (SWTOR) is one of the MMORPG.
It's amaxing since on the big movie and video game. And now also releaese in online game playing, I believe that t would be popular MMORPG for sure;)
for more you can take a look at

DKell2780d ago

SWTOR is not a movie game