Uncharted Drake's Fortune - First hour in four minutes

The first hour of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, which Games Radar have crammed into just 240 seconds, is full of set pieces and incredible environments which, if they continue, will make this the PS3 game of the year.

Check out the video below and see what you can expect in the 60 minutes of this epic tale.

Warning: Although Games Radar tried their best, this video may contain spoilers.

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wil4hire4077d ago

No one likes to be surprised now at days. Everyone wants to know whats in the game before its out.

I've seen almost too much from those making of videos.

Violater4077d ago

I thought the Ps3 didn't have great games?
[end sarcasm]

jay34077d ago



Your a twat.

fenderputty4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

nevermind ... the game is intensly awesome.

Daytona4077d ago

It's only an ok game, not great.
There's nothing being done graphically speaking that you won't already find on the Wii,right?
It's probably going to be very fun to play, but not mind blowing at all. I know b/c it's a new ps3 game that you all have to pretend it's the end all to be all b/c your desperate for a game but it's just not that good.

C_SoL4077d ago

Shut the fu(k up. obviously you don't know sh*t about good games. r u blind, this video quality is sh*tty. if you saw it on HDTV it would be amazed. 1.4 your heads just full of sh*t.....

anyways this game is a must have for PS3 owners. its gonna be a AAAAAAAA. ya that many A's believe me.

now i know the old man dies, dammit it & he can swim, i did not know that. oh well im still getting it.

nasim4076d ago

what a shame for MS ?

2 years down the line and x360 is already obsolete

PLUS it is also dead in EU and JAPAN

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SmokeyMcBear4077d ago

dude...just please stop.. i can't take it anymore.. seriously, im gonna go crazy. Did you see the water? good god, i have never seen it like that, like.. real.. transparent.. water.. this game is too much.

wil4hire4077d ago

spent time getting the index of refraction correct for the water. Instead of just using a pixel filter to distort/reflect the world. In previous screens, you can see that the legs/limbs/rocks, that go under the warer are distorted by refraction.

This engine is amazing.

sonarus4077d ago

if this game is as good to play as it is to watch the easy game of the yr for ps3. Ratchet and clank will come close but uncharted is jst too tough to beat. I already got ma dualshock pre ordered jst for this. I got it from yes asia. Hopefully it gets hear before uncharted cus i prob wnt be able to wait. My only fear for this game is the length. I forget how long it is hopefully its longer than hsword a good 2-3 hrs longer

Skerj4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

LMFAO oh man I thought that was real until he got into the kitchen. What were we talking about before? Oh yeah Uncharted, yeah I'm getting it.

The winkface = true, everybody knows that!!

Godoftheweek4077d ago

Wow....thats some funny fracking shet

Jen5en4077d ago

Warning! Hype-train acceleration unstable!

wil4hire4077d ago

I think its just excitement.

GamerPERIOD4077d ago

Tooooooooot toooooooooooot!

(did look pretty dang good though)

Skerj4077d ago

[email protected] "Jungle Juice" soda commercials.

sjappie4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Graphics look good, not amazing however. I think this will be the best game for ps3 this year.

@ just louie. FACT = opinion. Guess it goes both ways, huh?

Leg-End4077d ago

the second-best looking game ever!! (crysis just beats it on a decent pc) killzone 2 is 3rd imo

AnalFace4077d ago

not amazing in your opinion. But looks better than anything on 360, FACT

Jen5en4077d ago


Well that depends really, when we say this game looks better than that game. There are a lot of comparisons these days, and obviously Uncharted vs. Crysis is one of them. Truth be told though, these scores can never be settled since it all depends on perspective. We all remember F.E.A.R: though it had the latest state-of-the-art technology in it's engine, it still looked bland. Same thing with Crysis, to some extent. Its engine has an amazing ability to render lush jungles, but the developers aren't maximizing that potential; as soon as you get indoors in Crysis things are starting to look bland. Crytek usually developes some new technology that's gonna blow the doors off of the imagination, yet still we're stuck with the 'Commando-storms-concrete-bunk er-in-North-Korean-jungle" -setting.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that graphics can be compared on two very different terms - technologically or artistically, and IMO Crysis wins on the tech side, hands down, but, contrarywise, Uncharted wins bigtime on the artistic. Again... my view.

fenderputty4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

The part where it's a PS3 game and not for 360? This game looks better then ANYTHING on a console out now. Nothing on a console looks this good. We'll see what happens next year but, after this game is released a new bar will be set. Pull your blinders off man.

sjappie4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

I think I said only positive things about the game, what's your problem?
For the game it's trying to be, the gfx, to me aren't amazing, they're good. I prefer the more realistic look of COD4.

@below. The only hate present here, is yours. Like I said, I didn't bash the game whatsoever. What's your problem man? You just wrote your comment, so I figure you must be able to read exactly what I said, right?

shysun4077d ago

It one of the best looking console games ever.Hate all you want but thats the truth!

Meus Renaissance4077d ago

"For the game it's trying to be, the gfx, to me aren't amazing, they're good. I prefer the more realistic look of COD4."

I'm not attacking but you do realise you have Halo 3 right? I didn't expect many people who own the game to be criticising another game just based on its visuals when it clearly looks a joy to play. Halo 3 is fun to play yet does not having amazing visuals and it certainly is not realistic.

That didn't make sense.

sjappie4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

that I bought it and returned it the next day, wich I knew was going to happen, cause I never liked it. It is just still in my last played list.

And for gods sake, I wasn't criticising the game!!!! The only reason I'm getting attacked is because I said the gfx weren't amazing. Jeez.

@ Pistolpete below. Thank you! Sanity ain't widespread these days in these regions.
People here are like the Borg, you must be assimilated.

Oh, Pete, I would like to be referred to as "someone", not "somethign". Thanks again.

pilotpistolpete4077d ago

Man, people here are vicious. It seems no one can have an opinion without being bashed. So somethign thinks the gfx aren't amazing. Big deal, it's his opinion.

Keep bashing away, and soon enough this site will be a homogenized place where everyone says the same thing on every comment.

It's like you people don't realise that not everyone shares your opinion. Not everyone will like Uncharted, thats a fact. I'm sure the game won't sell 5 million copies in the first week. There's a reason for that.

Violater4077d ago

It looks great no doubt, to me it looks amazing sometimes and that is subjective.
As for COD4 the same can be said.
Though its kinda hard to compare Uncharted to anything else given its Art Direction. So i think its pointless comparing apples and oranges and just enjoy the really sweet ones for what they are.
One thing I must say about Uncharted and Ratchet, they look flawlessly clean in HD.

BIGWILLDX4077d ago

the graphics are better than bioshock

hazeblaze4077d ago

I'm not sure who, if anyone, is actually attacking you... but if the gfx in Uncharted don't look amazing then no game really does. Assassin's Creed about as good in my opinion but Uncharted is definitely among the best looking games this holiday both stylistically and gameplay wise.

skitzoid4077d ago

we see the game running on our sets while seeing them for ourselves "BUT" from everything I have seen in HD videos these are easily among the best visuals in gaming today.

As far as sjappie (I prefer the more realistic look of COD4.) I would like to know your opinion on Bioshocks graphics because I always felt the character models don't fit the game. As you said about COD4 I just don't think they are realistic. Oh and BTW, I am not putting down Bioshock. The visuals are excellent but they didn't come close to wowing me like Gears did.

R&C and Uncharted (from the demo of R&C and HD videos) "do" wow me.

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