Okamiden Runs Smooth on 3DS

Andy Robertson writes "I've seen the game criticised for this by reviewers who have played it on the DS. Having trading my old DS in for a 3DS I was playing it on the newer console. It wasn't until I ran a side-by-side comparison between Okamiden on a 3DS and DS that I realised how much better it looked. Not only is it upscaled, but all those speed issues simply go away on the 3DS -- it runs smoothly even with multiple enemies on screen."

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GuruStarr782783d ago

That it does. I actually finished the game on 3DS.

Also, if you hold start and select on the 3DS when you start up the game from the 3DS menu, it will display in it's native colors, looks great, but the screen is slightly smaller..... Played it on my DSi Xl too... looks fantastic!

Masterchef20072783d ago

I am not surprised at all because of how much better the hardware of the 3DS actually is. It seems to me that they were pushing the game a bit 2 much on the DS.

holdmykidney2783d ago

Maybe. Perhaps a hangover from trying to downscale from PS2 and Wii?

newn4gguy2783d ago

Um...I played it on both and there is no difference.


paulgovan2783d ago

I tried it on both and the framerate is MUCH better on the 3DS. The Start/Select trick also improves things a bit as well. Maybe check again?

newn4gguy2782d ago

I didn't notice a framerate problem on either.

holdmykidney2783d ago

Interesting. I've actually not tried any DS games on my 3DS yet but maybe I will give it a shot.

If the 3DS allows for improved performance over DS titles then they must be quite similar, code-wise. I might have to try Lego Batman on it as the framerate occasionally dropped off on that for me.

danielle0072783d ago

Well.. wouldn't that make sense, logically? The 3DS is much more powerful ..

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