Movemodo review: Virtua Tennis 4 (PS3)

Quoting Movemodo's James Newton:

"The PlayStation Move tennis grand slam final between 2K Sports' Top Spin 4 and SEGA's Virtua Tennis 4 is a match-up between two totally different play styles: whereas 2K offered a simulation fully playable with Move, SEGA has stayed true to its series' arcade roots by limiting the motion control to exhibition matches and minigames. Which game lifts the gold trophy?"

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mcstorm2730d ago

This is not a bad score or review but i thnk they miss what sega have trid to do with this game in giving the core gamers a controller to use and play the full game with and give the casual croud themove/kinect party mode and although i got the 360 version of the game because i have kinect and not move. I think this game is the better out of the two to play and offers more than top spin 4. The kinect side works very well and i think the move side will be the same it takes alittle getting the hang on how to play using kinect but once you get the hang of it it works very well and being able to move fprward and back to move up and down the court is very good and i think when we see the next version of the game sega will put a more advanced kinect and move experiance in the game maybe even picking up the players movmens on the court. But imo this is the best virtua tennis sege have done so far and i hope that people with and with out move and kinect pick this game up as it is very fun to play.

Ju2730d ago

What a let down. I was hoping for a full Move tennis experience which - I thought - TS4 does not deliver but hoped VT4 would. Looks like the Move implementation is better, yet not available in the majority of the game. Good thing I'm broke. Makes it easy not to get either one...