inFamous 2 - 12 Minutes Footage With New Cutscene

Check out 12 minutes of inFamous 2 footage which contain a new cutscene starts at 6:48.

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Chaostar2756d ago

Terrible quality video with nothing we haven't seen before, the game still manages to look amazing though.

LOGICWINS2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I found this on youtube, the other day. WAAAY more awesome than this vid IMO. Its the best UCG mission I've seen yet.

GiggMan2755d ago

Nice vid... Good to see Cole can climb fences. I know that they were going to work on that but it feels good to see it for myself.

Mister_G2756d ago

Not watching.... want to play spoiler free :)

cochise3132755d ago

This looks beyond sick; this may very well be a GOTY contender. Sucker punch has done it again.

Troll_Police2755d ago

UCG missions in Infamous 2 in innovation at it's best.

Baccra2755d ago

The game is short enough as it is, must we keep showing it?