Online passes and one angry gamer

So, you go into your local store to pick up the latest game, dipping in and paying full price, brand new on release. You get all the way home, pop your newly acquired purchase into your console, looking forward to enjoying everything the game has to offer. Just as you are about to jump online with your friends to blow people up in multiplayer madness, you see the lovely words “To play this portion of the game you must pay a subscription”. Ok, so that’s embellishing on what rarely happens at the moment, but this is something that could be something we face in the future.

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7SBuzzLightyear7S2781d ago

If you paid full price, the online pass is inside of the case. If not, a redeemable code will allow you to download the access pass from your online service.

Why would this person, who bought a brand new, legitimate copy of a game, be angry?

zerocool33972781d ago

You should read all the article. Its not about what we get now, its about what could happen in the future. Changing the online pass to a subscription based service. How it could affect gamers!

7SBuzzLightyear7S2781d ago

Ha. Touche. =]

I see where you're coming from though. The introduction of an online pass did not please many people, but how much did that halt the number of sales? Not questioning what you had to say, but it would be interesting to see those numbers.

It would be a real kick in the teeth, for any gamer. If the developers want to look at other means for raking in a profit, I do hope that they opt for something else, because let's face it - we pay enough, for games that being released incomplete.

Compare this 'digital age' to cartridges and I think anyone with a gaming background will see what I mean.

zerocool33972781d ago

The point is publishers complaining about the second hand game market. Forcing people to buy new so that they receive more of the piece of the pie. Like if you go buy Tiger Woods new, you get all the online features by putting in a code. When you get it second hand, you have to pay to get the online features. Its technically not fair because you have still paid for the game. If they introduce subscriptions, that's taking it one step further. We as gamers are getting punished when we haven't really done anything wrong!

Scary692781d ago

Well if you buy homefront used you have to pay a subscription, but buying brand new gives you the online pass to play the online features. Now if gaming companies are going to charge $60 and on top of that we have to pay a subscription then those are the games I will stay away from.

Scyrus2781d ago

this is what happens when millions of copys get sold as used.

company gets no profit and the company needs profit to keep making games.

you want online? buy the game new. if its only a 5 buck difference in used price, why buy it used? tho the average is 10 bucks difference still.

now if u find the game for 20 bucks and the game is still 60 in stores then hey u made out good, then pay for online pass and ur still good.

but if subscriptions came along I dont see how that would make sense, I mean xbox live gold members already pay just to play online, it would suck to have subs to COD and other games, especially when alot of other games have crappy online thats just tossed in, or u dont know if u will like it.

meh, times change

Tired2781d ago

Have no problem with one off codes,

Would point blank refuse to play a game with subscription.

frelyler2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

There will always be a company that chooses not to do this to steal from companies that would. The game might not be as high in the production values, but I think people should never submit to somehing like this. What about all the poor people who already pay for an online service. It becomes a very risky move. I think activision will try it first, I feel they will bc sales will slow for cod. Its the nature of the beast, they will blame it on used sales,but in reality something the general public views as better will be the real culprit. The worst thing that could have happened to gaming was for it to go "mainstream." Give me back the days of full throttle and genius game design over flair and shiny paint. As soon as the "mass consumer" becomes involved in something it is forever ruined because it becomes a game of "how can we put as little effort in while maximizing profits." The game industry was not started that way and sadly that is what it has become. Prime example and public enemy number one is cod and halo (excluding the first one which was a labor of love and a gamble.) This is coming from someone who hates anything m$.

jessupj2781d ago

Well said freyler.

I love gaming, it's awesome, but it could be in a much better place than it is right now. I could write an essay on this subject, but I'll stop.

Back to the article, I very much understand the need for developers to recoup their losses. I myself rent 90% of the games I play because it's infinitely cheaper then buying. I like to play the hell out of a game, obtain the platinum, then sit it of the shelve and never look at it again.

There are of course a few exceptions. Games like battlefield, LBP, demon's souls are amazing games that I can keep coming back to. A majority of games, while their great, don't have this quality and so I rent.

I believe developers are completely with in their rights to expect that if a person plays their game, said person should be paying them. Now you can stand on your own soapbox and tell me it's my money I can do what I dam well please with it, and if I want to sell my games and buy used I will. However, in reality this is a big F you to the developer.

They have invested a lot of time and money (and no doutb a lot of immotion) into the games they make and they deserve to be financially compenstated.

Maybe if they were we would see even better games, and a lot more risk taking, and a hell of a lot more inovation.

Quagmire2781d ago

Buy Game.
Pay for Xbox Live/PSN+
Pay for Online Code (if bought Second-Hand)
Then Possibly pay Online Subscription
Then Pay for extra over-priced DLC due to cut content or lacklsuter MP maps/modes

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