Top 10 universes in need of an MMORPG

An online RPG based on the zombie movies of George Romero? It’s just one of Ron’s top 10 universes that would be perfect for an MMORPG, write Den of Geek.

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Bear_Grylls2779d ago

I would buy the next Wii day one if they announced a Pokemon MMO for it.

JonDiskonected2779d ago

oh god yes, I've been waiting for a mad max game for ages(one set in the road warrior world of course)

I guess we'll have to settle with rage

Bear_Grylls2779d ago


Heaps of races, heaps of tech and sci-fi, heaps of space, MINNING! spice melange, dessert survival and most of all worms.

outwar60102779d ago

i would just love a stargate mmorpg and i would happily pay for the game time or whatever its called

DanSolo2779d ago

Mad Max type apocalypse one and Zombie apocalypse one would both appeal to me!

Although I'd be happy to see Guild Wars 2 come to PS3 as I am really not into paying subscriptions as then you tend to spend waaay too much time playing to get your money's worth.
I think Guild Wars would be a very good MMO to come to console and I think it would work very well!

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