Sony confirms PSN is not live in Japan

Gamersmint: Gamersmint can now confirm that there is no truth to any of these stories and PSN neither has resumed service in Japan nor is it accessible by anyone in Japan.

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Muerte24942483d ago

Lol This really sucks maybe later on today or tomorrow then. It's kinda fustrating but hey I have time to go and purchase Mortal Kombat.

ilikestuff2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

yea this does suck, its about to be two weeks with out any socom. i just wish they would say "look, itll be back up thursday" just give us a day

Washington-Capitals2483d ago

The reason they dont give us a day is because they are still pretty far off from getting it back online. You would think that if they were close they would have a target day. I dont think they are close. Id say we are looking at thursday or friday.

Sono4212483d ago

WTF PSN is up over in britain! When are we gonna get up!??!? (US)

LOGICWINS2483d ago

Does anyone know if everyone's free month of PSN will begin as soon as PSN comes back online?

I kinda wanna save my month for a Starhawk beta if there is any.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2483d ago

Nope, im assuming to get your free stuff from PSN, you will need to go into the PS Store, and they said that the PS Store will take time to get up.

Before the end of May they said. So it will prob be a week or 2 after online-play is up.

LOGICWINS2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Hmmm...what if I remove my PS3s Internet connection and don't sign on till July or something? I assume I still get the free month of PS Plus.

How can Sony guarantee that people will turn on their PS3s in May, much less sign on?

I guess there going to send an email to everyone telling them that the welcome back incentive thing can only be redeemable for a certain time.

But then can Sony guarantee that people will read their emails in May?

There best bet is to let us redeem the free one month at ANY time.

Zydake2483d ago

no man once they give it out to users the clock begins to tick even if you unplug your ps3 your just going to miss out on that month

LOGICWINS2483d ago

^^Well, thats bullshit in my opinion. But I guess its not that big of deal.

Scary692483d ago

It starts up as soon as the store is available, you don't know get to choose when to use it.

LOGICWINS2483d ago

^^Yeah, so essentially the people who don't sign on this month and don't check their email this month gets screwed.

stevenhiggster2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

To be fair, LOGIC, if someone doesnt sign in or even turn on their PS3 for a month, they probably dont really care about PSN, never mind a free month of PS+.

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blumatt2483d ago

I'm sure the free PS+ month will begin as soon as PSN is back up and running in your region.

miyamoto2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

dat sux

upturned22483d ago

yup. we all wish they'd give us a date. we probably won't get it back to later this week. that's what really hurts.

xAlmostPro2483d ago

Damn :( I apologise to the dudes from the article claiming it wasn't actually up.

I was reading tweets from 'japanese' people stating it was up, my excitment got the better of me, my bad :)

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psb2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Sony confirming this. I for one it's back up at once everywhere.

Edit: Just read the post, it appears they're going to bring it back in phases, region by region. :(

Karooo2484d ago

it will be online in a few days guys

Joni-Ice2483d ago

Stop giving dates. Thats the problem, everybody wants the start rumors.

IGAMEHARD2483d ago Show
Its_That_Purp2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

I'm Starting To hate All This Misinformation. The S&@t Is Getting Deep!

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