New Quake and Wolfestein games possible in future, says ID

GB writes: RAGE producer Jason Kim has teased that developer id Software might consider developing new Quake or Wolfestein games in the future.

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Laxman2162510d ago

I want a Doom announcment before another Quake! But good news nontheless, always love iD.

Soldierone2510d ago

Beyond them already working on a new Doom? They have been co developing it alongside RAGE from I have heard. Unless it was stopped.

Doom is my favorite franchise, and Id love to eventually play it on PLAYSTATION ID...followed by Quake, which did make a settle appearance on PS2.

meetajhu2510d ago

I'm a hardcore gamer because of Quake 1

Cajun Chicken2510d ago

Awesome! More Quake is needed. Real Quake games, not 'Enemy Territory', Quake 2 or the gothic themed original, not bothered. I like Quake.

Soldierone2510d ago

Original was a beast, and Quake 4 was badass. No need to bring up Enemy Territory, we can all forget that ever existed lol

Cajun Chicken2510d ago

Yeah, I meant to list 'ET' last. Quake 2 and 4 are excellent. I wouldn't really like another Arena game. UT's filled that void and even that isn't much good.

RankFTW2510d ago

Quake 2 was the best game of it's time, SLI Voodoo 2's FTW!

interrergator2510d ago

has anybody seen doom 4 gameplay kuz i havent and a quake and wolfenstein are welcome for this gen :)

antauwnehart2510d ago

doom is overrated I have played and beaten them all and they were quite terrible.

BiggCMan2510d ago

So why did you keep on playing them if you didn't like the first?

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The story is too old to be commented.