XBOX CHART: Operation Flashpoint still sells best on Xbox 360

This week's official Xbox 360 software sales shows climbs for Halo: Reach - up from 20th to 12th - and Kinect Sports - up from 11th to sixth - with Portal 2, Mortal Kombat and Operation Flashpoint: Red River holding firm at first, second and third.

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antauwnehart2756d ago

crappy shooter sells better on xbox 360 humph! Who cares?!

LunaticBrandon2756d ago

First PS3 game to sell 10 million is Black Ops.

guigsy2756d ago

How do you know it's crap? Reading a review isn't a good enough reason to fairly judge a game, as many people on N4G are quick to point out.

Mario182756d ago

Why bother even responding to people with only one bubble?

hennessey862756d ago

thought it was a really good game

k4rma2756d ago

I've been playing it almost non-stop for the past two weeks. It makes a change from the linear CoD clones, which i'm really tired of.

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bozebo2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Maby other gamers don't buy as many bad games? The previous operation flashpoint was only £18 on PC at launch and it was just a bad game in general, not worth £18.

StitchJones2756d ago

Operation Flashpoint really hasn't been that great of a game since the early PC versions. It's a tired IP that needs to be forgotten about.

Game0N2756d ago

this actually makes sense since xbox has no exclusives games out right now, not trying to troll but it's the truth.

Max_Dissatisfaction2756d ago

Yeah and the latest ps3 exclusive SOCOM 4 is all the way in 10th spot...on only its 2nd week out. . .on the ps3 chart. . .oh yeah, exclusives had alot to do with this/s

guigsy2756d ago

Or maybe because PSN has been down for nearly 2 weeks and people aren't going to buy online-enabled games they can't play online.

BX812756d ago

Socom has a campaign as well and it's better than the online portion. They jacked up the camera on this one. Kinda a big deal when you're trying to kill.

InTheKnow2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

. older games like Halo reach and Black ops are climbing the chart. It would appear that Microsoft could very well be cashing in on Sony's misfortune since new gamers to the system would be buying the older title's. It's also worth noting that Kinect, having moved so many consoles and bringing in a very casual demographic have spurred new gamers to try the hardcore title's...either way Microsoft must be happy with the numbers leading into E3 and their big guns like Gears and forza that are coming in the fall.

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