Solo games live on in multiplayer world

Video game developers, eager to please all consumers, are increasingly including features that let gamers play with or against their friends.

With Microsoft trying to convince people to plunk down $50 a year for its Xbox Live service, and Sony eyeing the sale of movies and music over its fledgling network, developers are under more pressure than ever to include some sort of online component.

The best-known example may be Microsoft's "Halo 3," but last week also saw the release of "The Orange Box" -- a collection of "Half-Life 2" content from Electronic Arts that includes a long-awaited multiplayer-only title called "Team Fortress 2." The week before that had the launch of "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars" from Activision.

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Marceles4075d ago

Gamers and reviewers these days are putting a little too much emphasis on if a game has 32 man multiplayer extras and online content...the truly great games are mostly those that don't need to add all these extras as a crutch. Those games are cool, but I think they take the focus off of the single player experiences sometimes...and I'd take a fully immersive great solo experience over having short lived "one-time-i-naded-5-guys- at-once" experiences in a heartbeat.

Cat4075d ago

yeah, i have fun playing with multiplayer, but when i think about the games i've loved and others i'm really excited to play (oblivion, mgs4, ratchet, bioshock, zelda, etc.) multiplayer doesn't come to mind.

wil4hire4075d ago

Unfortunately most developers have convinced gamers that multiplayer equals value. Thats why we keep getting the same FPS with better graphics over and over and over and over again.

This is why I am looking forward to all of the great single player games headed our way. But with the success of FPS, its going to be hard for developers to turn to single player games that may not sell as well.



JsonHenry4075d ago

Well, they have failed for years to make A.I. seem more "life-like" so might as well do the next best thing - put them in a game with REAL intelligence. (might be a stretch of the word for some people, I know)

d3l33t4075d ago

i find very little more satisfying things than blowing someone to shreds and visualizing and feeling their frustration on the other end.

works the otherway around aswell ;)