Forgotten Classics – Fallout (The Reticule)

The Fallout series has become a leading RPG franchise once again since the release of Fallout 3 and New Vegas. However, who remembers the original Fallout?

In this latest edition of Forgotten Classics, Andrew Eldridge takes a look at the original title and argues that despite the pros of the new games, you still can't beat the original.

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Zinc2754d ago

While I enjoyed Fallout 3 and New Vegas, there is something altogether separate with the original Fallout. You could pop it in today and still enjoy it, which is a sign of a well crafted game. The original and the new iterations are very different experiences and the new experience has pluses and minuses.

KonradG2754d ago

God I wish for a true Fallout sequel. Fallout 3 was OK, New Vegas got boring after a while. The whole perk and skill system doesn't make sense in 3 and NV. Bring back the turn based strategy rpg's !!!!

banjadude2754d ago

I'm gonna be honest, my favourite part(s) about Fallout 1 and 2 (3... is another totally different story) is the humour and the good o'l pipboy appearances (the comics, cutscenes, outside game material, etc).

Xof2754d ago

No one ever forgot Fallout.

Want some forgotten games? How about the Tsar series? Awesome AoE clones. Or the Descent games? (Or, hell, Freespace and Freespace 2).

Or Steambot Chronicles or Arc the Lad or Legacy of Kain? These are forgotten names. One of the biggest RPG franchises that is STILL seeing releases cannot--CANNOT--be "forgotten."

cnerkgbkjb2754d ago

Very true.

I did intentionally mislead with my title somewhat, which I explained in the first paragraph.

However, referring to Fallout 1, which was a RPG of a turn-based style from Interplay, as opposed to Fallout 3 and later, which are FPS/RPG offerings from Bethesda, I would aruge that Fallout 1 had indeed been forgotten to some extent - not so much the game itself, but the game style.