UK Chart for week ending April 30th - Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat remain on top

Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat hold the top two places in the latest UK chart update for week ending April 30th.

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Michael-Jackson2730d ago

Black Ops is still selling...

RedSoakedSponge2730d ago

and that is where they deserve to be. AWESOME games XD

teedogg802730d ago

MK is seriously awesome. I still have to check out Portal 2 one of these days though. Just way too many games coming out to keep up with.

Venox20082730d ago

sell, baby sell .. Now new MK 3DS with 3D gore and 3D fatalities + babalities + brutalities + friendships + harakiries!!! :)

LawlessOne2730d ago

Sooooo excited for portal 2 hope it lives us to all the hype though...