Did You Spot Any Hidden Beetles In Bayonetta?

Platinum Games posted another developer’s commentary video for Bayonetta where Hideki Kamiya, producer, plays through the prologue. Kamiya says animator Eijiro Nishimura hid a beetle in the graveyard scene and there are hidden beetles in Resident Evil 4 too.

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SpaceFox2606d ago

How are we supposed to find beetles?

Etseix2606d ago

why he is getting disagrees?, well guess people can smell, or hear those beetles ..

chaos-lockheart2606d ago

hmm i cant seem to play this game since psn is down, told me that i needed to update

pr0digyZA2606d ago

Thats strange all my games have been updating even when PSN is down including PSN itself.

chaos-lockheart2604d ago

then i am doing something wrong