Sony PSN: G Data provides prices on the black market for stolen data

After the intrusion of hackers managed to steal personal data of 77 million users of Playstation Network has already started the sale on the Internet through forums and the underground black market. G Data reveals the prices and supplies to all affected users a series of essential tips to face up the situation by taking appropriate countermeasures.
As we know the attack on the Playstation Network has not only resulted in a number of inefficiencies such as the inability to play online, but also a huge safety issue concerning the theft of data from over 77 million subscribers to the service

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radphil2781d ago

So some random German company gives prices, and those prices don't even make sense.

Why do these articles show up here?


More likely than not just a scam to take people's money and data.

As once a great man said: "you can't believe in everything you read on the internet, otherwise I would be a nigerian millionaire by now".

HolyOrangeCows2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

LOL, great man indeed.

I'm going to open up a phone book and start selling "data".....I'll be a millionaire!

"and who were the chimpanzees that approved this?"
It doesn't really matter WHO...but the WHAT is the fact that "top contributors" (people who spam the approve button on piss poor articles, spam submissions, spam unrelated "alt sources") get rewarded.

@evrfighter + ComboBreaker
The CC data was encrypted. And passwords are stored in an encrypted way. The only info in plain text, for the MILLIONTH TIME, was info you could pop out of a phonebook and your email address.

evrfighter2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

that data come with credit card numbers?

oh wait you say no credit card numbers were taken?

Sony says they PROBABLY weren't taken. I guess you know something Sony doesn't?

ComboBreaker2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Basically, they're trying to sell you 70 million worthless credit cards number, since everybody already cancled and changed their credit cards already.

wsoutlaw872781d ago

the card numbers were encrypted which can be undone but may take a very long time but they didn't get the security codes so they cant use it. Youre passwords are fine.

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beavis4play2781d ago

very poor story submission. and who were the chimpanzees that approved this?

it's a ridiculous notion and only the very ignorant/naive would believe it.

Tapioca Cold2781d ago

Credit card already canceled and replaced. Took less than a week and I live on the other side of the planet. EVERYONE is overreacting.