First Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC will include school uniforms

The official Japanese DLC trailer for Dynasty Warriors 7 has been revealed and not only will it feature some of the classic stages, new weapons, old outfits but will also have the new "School of Phoenix” costume pack for the kingdom of Wei.

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zackacloud2454d ago


This not tekken right ?!

I like that

evrfighter2454d ago

lol you know dlc has gone outta control when dynasty warriors starts throwing it out.

Flashwave_UK2454d ago

LOOOOOL who plays this S****

Dart892454d ago

Me and plenty of other people.

PooEgg2454d ago


If it isn't your type of game that is fine, but do you really think anyone gives a shit? I can't understand people who have nothing better to do but spread hate for anything that they personally don't have an interest in. As if your opinion is the only thing that matters. No wonder you are nearly bubbleless.

banjadude2454d ago

Lu Bu costume would be pure lulz.

zeal0us2454d ago

kool idea(School of Phoenix) but it takes what immersion the player had for the game and throw it out the window in some cases but not all the time.

played dw6 hated it, dw5 wasn't all that bad but only small number of things as implement, dw4 loved character creation, item system and etc. I might give dw7 a try.....when its on sale for 20-30 maybe, i don't like taking chance.

Xof2454d ago

The only reason the PSN being down bugs me is the like of DW7 DLC.