Possible A New Software Firmware Update Incoming

According to recent tweets, it seems that PlayStation Network for Japan is back online and can be accessed by local users. Sony appears to be delivering on their recent promise to fix PSN this week.

Sony has yet to release an official statement whether PSN is truly online in Japan, but there are already several Facebook and Twitter updates stating that PS3 online play has now resumed for gamers based in Japan.

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xTruthx2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Yeah, I just checked and it isn't.

Soldierone2511d ago

I hope your IN japan saying that....and not just creating a Japanese account...

Thepro3182511d ago

u going need JPN IP to access japan PSN right now

zep2511d ago

i live in japan got jpn ip jpn ps3 and jpn psn it not up yet

Thepro3182511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

I'm asking question you are going need JPN IP to access japan PSN?

Soldierone2511d ago

Yes. You have to be in the Japanese region to get the Japanese servers. Unless you run through a Japanese Proxy, there isn't another way to do it.

People think simply opening a Japanese account and logging on that puts them in the Japanese servers and it doesn't.

zep2511d ago

@Thepro318 no you don't need a JPN IP because even though you live in Japan you still cant log on PSN JPN because its still down for maintenance

@Soldierone stop giving false info because whatever you do you still cant log in on PSN japan

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knifefight2511d ago

I live in Japan. It's not up.

PoweredParaglider2511d ago

Seems weird that you got any disagrees at all, let alone 14+.

I am starting to think there is something very wrong with some people on here.

imvix2510d ago

Anything said against Sony on this website will be treated with denial, its a Sony Fanboy infested website or perhaps they have employees with accounts on this website constantly.

Either way they can have their accounts leaked and sucked dry, these people will still support Sony.

knifefight2511d ago

Why the disagrees? I'm telling you, it ain't up.

RememberThe3572511d ago

Cuz they yurn so badly. They're hoping that denying the truth will make their dream become reality.

SockMaster2511d ago


LOL, Pretty lame if you disagree with a fact, your just in denial :)

Dojan1232511d ago

I was thinking the same thing. LOL.

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oghost852511d ago

my playstation just reset itself and it acting like i dont have an account with them anymore? should i be worried?

whothedog2511d ago

Two nights ago now, I somehow started downloading a patch for the 1.50 Home, and it installed and everything. But servers are still down so should I be worried?

Ascalon942511d ago

yeah updates are good man, i did some for games I havent played in a long time and everything is working fine.

NavySeal742511d ago

Mine did that and it said database will be rebuilt.

But its ok i think still playing games.
I do hope its on soon for everyone though as im sure
everyone is missing there games online.

I checked today uk doesnt have the software update yet that was at 9am this morning.

Kleptic2511d ago

I read on GT planet that the PSN being down ONLY applies to user login's...but that game data downloads and other internet functions function normally...

I'm saying that because certain users claimed to have updated GT5 properly, even though the PSN is down...its the user database that has been taken down, but you can still apparently get game updates?...

I haven't tried any of that, so i don't know for sure...just saying what I read...

sourav932511d ago

Same think happened to me. I put in Go of War III yesterday and it said about downloading patch 1.03 (i think) and it downloaded the patch. I was surprised because I thought the servers were down. Guess updates are part of a different server....

Soldierone2511d ago

Same thing happened to my friend. It simply lost all the data on the PS3 that linked it to your account. Thus it needs to be synced up with PSN again to sort out all the licenses and trophy data etc...

Since PSN is down, you cant do that. Which sucks. He can't play any games because the trophy data is out of date, and all his PSN titles say the account needs to be activated.

Its simply the cache got overloaded. It happens after a year or so unless you clean up your hard drive a lot.

KwietStorm2511d ago

Did he actually buy those games on that account or were they game "shared?"

Soldierone2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

He purchased them. For some reasons the games he shared with my account work fine.

But everytime he puts in Black Ops or Portal 2 it says something about not being able to sync with trophy data and doesn't let him play the game. His account on another fat PS3 works fine though, so he just plays everything on that.

Also on another note. For some reason ALL my trophies are disappearing. Dunno why, but its spreading to everything. I have plats and what not, and today i looked and a majority of my games are at 0 now....I hope it fixes when they sync back with the server.

lazertroy2511d ago

I hope that PSN comes back today

HolyOrangeCows2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

If I'm remembering right, they said "By Wednesday", so hopefully we see it within 24 hours.

BTW, I think I'd be more shocked if they DIDN'T release a new firmware when it comes back up. It'll at LEAST have a new agreement.

Prototype2511d ago

99% of the "By Wednesday" means on Wed at 11:59 pm before Thurs...Well that's how we see it when paying Rent.

FredEffinChopin2511d ago

Agreed on the firmware. It doesn't seem too likely to me that the security updates would be entirely on one side. Never know though, they could be.

Baba19062511d ago

i want the psn =D miss it. its been a long time now...

IGAMEHARD2511d ago

with the way everyone acted here in the states i hope were last

Fox012511d ago

Me too, let's push it even further; I hope it never comes back to the US, that'll show them.

KwietStorm2511d ago

Yes, let's make all of us suffer because of a select group of jackasses. Oh! Just like with the hackers!

Shad0wRunner2511d ago

Dont start with the hacker propaganda, kwiet.

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