Plus XP: Portal 2 Review

GuitarGirl24 from Plus XP Writes "Portal was unlike any game I had ever played before. Not only was the concept new and refreshing, but puzzles challenging, the story line compelling and the in game physics quite simply mind bending. I cannot deny that from my first ‘Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out’ gravity propelled jump I was hooked, and I could not bring myself to put down my controller until every last inch of the Aperture Science Testing Facility had been portaled to within an inch of its life. However when looking back at Portal it is not launching myself across seemingly impossible distances that I remember most fondly. Instead it was the dry sadistic humor of the all powerful Ai GLaDOS which really left me wanting more. After my many efforts to destroy her the mere suggestion that she may be ‘Still alive’ was the ultimate set up for a sequel, and luckily for me in 2011 my wish was granted. With such an epic reputation to follow my expectations for Portal 2 were understandably high, but could the long awaited sequel ever live up to the original? It was time to portal in and find out."

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