Great Indie Shooter Available This Month

At first glance it may look like PS3 exclusive Killzone but it's a game being developed on a low budget with tons of potential.

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IaMs122700d ago

interesting i shall try it out when it releases

Flashwave_UK2700d ago

*killzone clone comming soon* FIXED

ThatEnglishDude2700d ago

For an indie game, I'd say that's an accomplishment.

BlackKnight2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

This is the Terminator mod for UDK on PC...should state that in the article instead of "Great Indie shooter" and comparing it to Killzone.

Terminator was before Killzone. Just because it's dark and the game uses motion blur (which other games have done before Killzone) doesn't mean it's a clone.

Am I getting old or are people forgetting the movie Terminator 2 and the scenes in the future...

Downtown boogey2699d ago

I agreed before I read "Terminator was before Killzone."

I apologize.
This game is more like Killzone than any Terminator game.

BlackKnight2699d ago

I am talking about the look/theme. And Killzone itself is not the first game to have a dark theme and a reflex sight on an M4 looking gun and fingerless gloves...

I didn't even bring up Terminator games.

PRHB HYBRiiD2700d ago

wow looks lets hope the gameplay its decent

GamingBuzz2700d ago

@Blacknight its something fresh, it could kind of revamp Terminator games... Lets be honest when was the last time you played one that was good?

BlackKnight2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

I wasn't saying anything against the mod. The mod is awesome, I am all for it.

I was simply stating that when you posted this on N4G, you didn't even title this Terminator mod (Instead he called it "Great Indie shooter") and referenced "PS3 Exclusive Killzone".

I feel the title was setup as partial flamebait/debate for hits, when you should be honest about what is being posted and give the thing a proper title and description.

EDIT: I could be wrong, but I am just saying that it's one hell of an odd way to show a mod and not even list the mods name or creator and instead reference another game that lots of people argue about

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