The Demo Gamer: OPINION - Wii 2 will be more iPad than Xbox

The Demo Gamer opines about how and why Project Cafe will be heavily influenced by Apple.

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dedicatedtogamers2753d ago

If Wii 2 takes cues from Apple, then you can count me out. Apple is not a game company. Nintendo might as well take cues from Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream if that's the direction they want to go.

Fact: Apple is not a mover and shaker in the game industry.

demogamer2753d ago

I find it interesting that Apple already has a dual-core machine in the Apple TV and that the iPad 2 can stream 1080p video while showing other content on its own screen. While I agree that Apple itself is not a game company, they sure have built some interesting hardware that can be used for not-too-shabby gaming, and developers have responded.

In my article, I do note that Apple does not own any properties like Mario or Metroid and as such is at a disadvantage to Nintendo.

dedicatedtogamers2753d ago

If Apple was serious about gaming, they'd launch "Apple Play Studios" or something like that. The iPhone/iPad are simply portable computers. Nothing more and nothing less. Yes, it allows them to be used as gaming systems, but it also limits their potential because they are not tailor-built to be game systems. The hardware power actually has very little to do with something becoming a successful game platform. Right now, the price of App Store games is what is driving interest, not the hardware. Most of the App Store games do not even come close to using the iPhone's full power.

And people shouldn't be trying to copy the iPad. That thing bombed in sales.

Menech2753d ago


The Ipad created an entirely new market.

How in the hell can it bomb at sales if there's nothing to compare it with?

And why since the Ipad has been released has there been 100's of copy devices. Even Sony's releasing tablets nowa days.

demogamer2753d ago


The iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad are portable computers. Is that a bad thing? Do you discount PC gaming as well? I often find my PC to be much better than any console for gaming.

I agree that Apple is not a mover and shaker in the game industry. Apple is a disruptive innovator, and they cater to developers, not gamers. They let the developers cater to the gamers. If Nintendo allowed developers to publish Wii games for only $99 and also allowed them to control pricing and demos, the Wii would be twice as popular as it ever was. And all of Nintendo's complaining about iOS games being too cheap and not complete gaming experiences is a bunch of hypocritical hyperventilation. The Wii was a shovelware magnet from the start.

In other news, Kotaku is reporting that Project Cafe will not have a hard drive. Really, Nintendo? Get with the times...!5797890

2753d ago