The Long History Behind Anonymous and the Playstation Network

With all the commotion regarding the temporary PSN server shutdown and Anonymous's supposed involvement in the matter, it is necessary to first understand the history of Sony and the events that have accumulated to build up to this point. More after the jump.

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honestpizza2780d ago

As a huge Sony fan, I can't help but laugh every time I see the new "It only does offline." slogan. It cracks me up.

HK62779d ago

Thanks, it appears my "shoop" spread around the web quite quickly.

Calm Down Sunshine2780d ago

Read this nonsense..

Or go outside..

Hmm..... Goodbye.

macky3012780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Or we could play offline,.. like we have been doing since 1958,.. or even sooner,..

Though I have to admit ,.. I really miss MAG and want to try out Socom4,..but there is plenty of gaming to be done offline,..

I think media is overreacting way to much,..But we are used of this by now, when it comes to Sony,.. Because Playstation is the king and we all know that,.. and smear campaign will continue forever,..Even though I think PS3 may just have the best library of really polished quality games in the history of gaming,..

Inzo2780d ago

I do not want to be anonymous right now, listening to Harai's statement yesterday I truly believe anonymous has bitten off more than it can swallow.

zeksta2780d ago

Anonymous are simply a group of rebels against Sony with the belief they are helping the hackers and the community, they're not.

All they are, are somewhat a cult, dedicated to bringing Sony down due to them suing George Hotz, frankly they deserve every bit of hurt they may get coming to them in the future, hackers are nothing more then a group of scum.

Cajun Chicken2780d ago

Anonymous is pretty much 'Project Mayhem' from Fight Club. No kidding. It's that much of a hive mind. Agents in the field. Far fetched, but pretty much what Anonymous stands for.

They have done some good things in the past which have stood out or silly statements, but yeah, this just really can't be justified. They have no right to get involved with the whole Geohotz situation and I still don't see how someone hacking their ONLINE console of their possession and attempting piracy should be considered 'legal'.

zeksta2780d ago

Exactly, that is of course unless they know Geroge Hotz directly, friends in that case would do something as friends normally do, but hacking into a Multi-Billion Dollar corporation and shutting down PSN, simply cannot be justified as a sign of "Friendship", let alone "Peace".

thor2780d ago

"with the belief they are helping the hackers and the community, they're not."

Absolutely right. Not just Sony - EVERY games company is going to be looking at this and tightening up security rather than bringing us new games and features. They'll persue hackers even more agressively than before.

It doesn't matter whether Anon are behind this or not - their reputation has been destroyed, and hackers and gamers are going to have a tough time with hightened security and DRM being brought into force.

supremacy2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Someone is trying to bring these guys back into the spotlight i see. And so the vicious cycle continues, hoopty doo...

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The story is too old to be commented.