GameInformer: Replay Value- Games With Multiple Endings

GameInformer: "If interactivity is what sets games apart from other mediums, then the narrative games that have the most potential to show off this form of art are those that feature multiple endings based on your decisions.

Amongst the many games with multiple endings, some settle for simple dual options based on whether you play as a good or evil, while others blow out the variety of conclusions to truly absurd levels. I polled the GI staff to see which games stuck out in our minds as prime examples of multiple endings done right and some done horribly wrong."

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dedicatedtogamers2456d ago

I'm actually desperate for games with multiple beginnings. If we're gonna replay a game, make each playthrough as different as possible. Games with multiple endings is nothing new at all. It's actually pretty dull. Why play through the same exact gameplay for 40 hours just to see a different 30-second cutscene?

Nitrowolf22456d ago

yeah there aren't many games with multiple beginnings but i like that idea a lot. IDk how they would really do that other then having different characters or different character roles.

Ducky2456d ago

Doesn't DragonAge do something like that?

Never played it cause it's not my thing, but I heard stuff about that.

MintBerryCrunch2456d ago

i think having the option to create the back story of your character...who his/her allies and enemies would be by the way you mold their personality in the beginning...also a cool thing would be if you included race or social status into this as well...think about starting a game out as a homeless character or a millionaire...gang banger or cop...something along those lines...

but i believe if a game starts doing something like would distort the hell out of the game trying to say its racist or that it puts certain groups of people in a bad light

WildArmed2456d ago

Yes Dragon Age does have somewhat diff. ending, but the atmosphere is pretty diff. when you play through the story depending on what class and race you are.
It was pretty cool, the gameplay wasn't my thing. but the story / character progression was done very well in the game, <3 DA:O
DA2 was similar, but I don't think it has alternate ending.. well it does but I don't think it's much different to be called a different ending.
DA2 was more fun to play, but hardly as engrossing as DA:O

Man In Black2456d ago

Try Dragon Age Origins. 6 very distinct openings, and one thing I like is that minor characters in most playthroughs may turn out to be much more important in others, resulting in different relationships to your character.

2456d ago
e-p-ayeaH2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

@dedicatedtogamers "Why play through the same exact gameplay for 40 hours just to see a different 30-second cutscene?"

If dont like playing games that´s one thing but saying that a motive to replay a game is a bad thing your probably just should stick around your multiplayer games.

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zeal0us2456d ago

woah 200+ ending in fallout3 dam, here I ignorantly thought it only had 2-3 endings.

at least the game was worth it, imho.

WildArmed2456d ago

it's a tad more complicated than that.
Fallout 3 has 29 video segments for the ending.
It will play them in diff. combinations according how you did your play through.
It's a pretty cool way to do endings.

IGAMEHARD2456d ago

Just Cause 2... this awesome story mode only based game got me thru the PSN OUTAGE OF 2011

sasuke992456d ago

nier had a really unique way to make you replay the game additional side of the story, cutscenes and multiple endings really loved that game!