Brink - The Story So Far

MMGN writes: It seems forever ago that upcoming shooter Brink was announced; in development since 2009 the genre bending FPS from Splash Damage and Bethesda is about to release. Before you step out onto the battlefield, let us take a look at the story so far.

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Oschino19072784d ago

For once the side you play on in a FPS Multiplayer will have some meaning and a decent story to back it all up. I am still unsure which side i will choose first, but i can gurantee i will be choosing one on May 10th!

antz11042784d ago

Im wondering if I can use my amazon pre-order pack with the security side?

Oschino19072784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

To my knowledge other then the weapons (both sides use same weapons) and attachment which they have for both sides in "The Psyco" and "Spec Ops" its just the head gear and probably tatoo for one side only. "Fall Out pack" and "Doom pack" seem to be better value with atricles of clothing and a weapon skin for each side along with 1 side specific tatoo (Sec "Fallout pack" Res "Doom pack").
@antz "The Pyscho" gives you soda can silencer (Res) and ark tactical silencer (Sec)

antz11042784d ago

Thanks, I was thinking the same thing. Its just that the psycho pack gives you a soda can silencer and that doesn't seem like something that would be available as security.

Regardless its trivial, ONE WEEK TO GO!!!

antauwnehart2784d ago

Sounds like an average game at best!

Oschino19072784d ago

Sounds to me like you meant "average game at best" as in "Another average AAA game published by Bethesda that will push the genre and be supported by plenty of future DLC"

NavySeal742784d ago

I loved the beta for it was a good game to play the controls were easy to pick up aswell.
Looking forward to this coming out soon.