onPause Review: MotorStorm Apocalypse

onPause writes:

When Sony’s PlayStation 3 launched back in November 2006, I remember stepping up to a demo station in a local Best Buy and playing one of the launch titles in the form of a MotorStorm demo thinking, wow, this is what the next generations looks like. Awesome! Five years later and in its third iteration MotorStorm is back. The latest title from Evolution is titled Apocalypse and couldn’t be more fitting with the theme of the game. Apocalypse is set in a fictional city that resembles San Francisco in a rather crumbling state.

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RonyDean2786d ago

Fantastic review! Can't wait to pick it up!

MultiConsoleGamer2786d ago

This is my favorite racing series this gen. This and ExciteBots/Truck.

50Terabytespersec2786d ago

This game better feature customizable sound tracks off the Hard Drive!!!( I hear it does)Unlike thoose Lazy flp flopping bastards at Guerrilla Games,they put in worthless 3D and take out Custom Soundtracks, pricks!!Ask fans first not your wallet!!! Pricks!!