Shoot Many Robots Hands-On Preview (PlanetXbox360)

So get this, all right? Someone actually walked up to me the other day, noticing my T-shirt for Shoot Many Robots, and asked, “Hmmm, what’s the game all about?” At which point I decided to break out into a descriptive that talked about an epic role playing quest and the game’s main hero, the aptly named P. Walter Tugnut, as he went looking for his princess across a land filled with turmoil and politics. Genius boy went, “Really?” To which I replied, “No, idiot, it’s Shoot Many Robots. YOU SHOOT ROBOTS.” But really, there is a little more to the game than just shooting robots, although fans of Contra and Metal Slug will feel right at home with the side-scrolling pattern it follows. Demiurge Studios, a small indie studio in Boston that previously helped tinker with Borderlands and Rock Band games before their release, have really come across a solid foundation with its first original effort.

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LaurenKB1232784d ago

Interesting looking shooter

agentxk2784d ago

Really looking forward to this one

UndeadAreGo2784d ago

Been waiting to see this one. Quick note: you can vote for the next robot at their website right now.

antauwnehart2784d ago

Oh great! More shovelware to end my day nice!