SOCOM 4 – Intel Locations Guide

Similar to Modern Warfare 2, SOCOM 4 has a set of Intels that players can pick up and earn that Trophy for collecting them all throughout the game’s main campaign mode.

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ShadyDevil2779d ago

This will be helpful going for the platinum.

IGAMEHARD2779d ago

this game was easiest platinum i ever got

JAMurida2779d ago

They should add the blood fruit, or whatever it was called, locations as well.

Venom2152779d ago

thnk you i needed a few a missed and couldnt find

DocHoliday2779d ago

This game is just really sad for a Socom game. As a stand alone game, I think the reviews it's gotten (6/10 average) are spot on, but as a Socom game it's less......much less. I couldn't really enjoy it like I did the previous ones. Oh well, I can see why some people would like it.

Ju2779d ago

LOL, someone disagrees with you. You are obviously wrong. /s

Ray1862778d ago

I don't get it. People post asking for the locations. I give it to them, and some a-hole comes in and gives me a disagree. N4G really sucks sometimes.

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