Escalation Is Further Proof Of Activision's Evil Empire

Steve Haske writes, "Since Mordern Warfare 2, the precedent set for Call of Duty's DLC has gotten a little out of hand. Activision CEO and non-gamer Bobby Kotick loves to wear his company's earning statement on his sleeve—even going so far in recent months to say that one day Activision may have the balls to compile CG cutscenes from, say, Starcraft II, re-package them and sell them to gullible fans as films—so the justification of spending $15 on n a handful of new multiplayer maps for Activision's biggest franchise was never even in question. Still, if Call of Duty is a well-made game (something Infinity Ward and Treyarch have both shown when it comes to polished, ironsights gunplay), it's still one that probably isn't good for the industry. Not only does it incite scores of competitors (keeping almost any other permutations on FPS design practically non-existent, or at least commercially irrelevant) it also encourages Kotick to keep doing what he does best: grubbbing every last cent from gamers as humanly possible."

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TruthSeeker2780d ago

Well Im not buying it. Ill be enjoying Bad Company 2

Bear_Grylls2780d ago

I didn't and won't buy any of it.

dedicatedtogamers2780d ago

Instead of complaining about it, perhaps people should ask why CoD fans are still buying it? And no, "they're just stupid sheep" doesn't cut it anymore. Clearly the CoD franchise offers something that other games don't. What that is, I don't know because I don't play CoD, but let's stop hating CoD and start seeing what makes it so fun.

totallysane2780d ago

"they're just stupid sheep" doesn't cut it anymore. sure it does. it's working because stupid people have money.. end of story

MaxXAttaxX2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Then WiiFit definitely offers something other games don't.

In all seriousness though. The amount of marketing and overall exposure is huge. And I don't blame Activision as much as the people(or sheep) for continually feeding this cancer.

dedicatedtogamers2780d ago

@ above

You guys aren't thinking things through.

"The amount of marketing and overall exposure is huge."

"it's working because stupid people have money.. end of story"

Yeah, because half a billion marketing dollars has skyrocketed Kinect software into the top sales charts, right? All those stupid people who bought Kinect are just buying up the games, right?

CoD sells because no other game on the market does what CoD does better. It's truly that simple.

MaxXAttaxX2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Ok first of all, WiiFit is for the Wii not Kinect. The Wii and WiiFit are extremely successful sales-wise. That's why I brought it up.
I don't know what Kinect has to do with anything.

Now back to your comment about "no other gaming doing what COD does better".
- Really? LOL

I won't judge you. I don't know what other games you play or whether COD is the only game of its kind you play(therefore missing out on other games) or if you're just simply a COD fanboy.
All I'm saying is that there are games out there that do things better than COD, but aren't even recognized as well by the majority, including reviewers(which have clear double standards when it comes to COD).

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StanLee2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

You're the minority. Fact. People can complain about the price of DLC but the content is always well put together and worth the investment to the millions who still invest their time and efforts in the game. Again, those not buying the DLC are in the minority. So keep complaining while those who think it's worth the investment enjoy their purchases.

Dart892780d ago

I rather take those $15 and buy me a dlc game that will that i know deserves my money.

TrevorPhillips2780d ago

Tryna take our money ay Shittyvision!

I'm not buying another COD game again.

-Alpha2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Bet no one took the time to read how pointless the article is. But of course, since it's a COD hate article (the only hate articles people will have a double standard towards) it will get approved.

Can someone explain to me again why it's evil for Activision to charge $15 for 5 maps? I'd like to know how it's different than charging $10 for 3 or $6 for 2. Aside from the fact that it's logically more expensive, I'd love to know what people expect Activision to charge for a 5 map pack when almost everybody else charges the same way.

I don't see anything new here that I haven't read before.

gorebago2780d ago

I agree. WIth the amount of time a person plays the MP in this game, the $3 per map more than evens out in the long run.

I've bought ever COD map pack since 4 and have gotten my time out of them. These articles only pander to the already disenfranchised and serve to annoy those of us who don't care.

I paid $15 for Limbo. Thought it was awesome the ONE time I played it.

I've bought dvds and blu rays for more money that I only watched once.

Etc, etc.

-Alpha2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Good for you that you enjoyed what you bought.

If each model has 3 packs you pay:

$18 for 6 maps (Killzone)
$30 for 9 maps (Halo)
$45 for 15 maps (COD)

COD just sells bigger packs. It's not any different.

In the end it's the same scheme. You pay $3 for a map. I don't see why people are putting the blame solely on Activision when they are simply the ones with the most successful game.

I really don't think their strategy is any worse than EA making you buy new games for passes or Sony/Rockstar selling you exclusive maps/story content day one (which has much more disastrous effects on the online community than how Activision has been doing it)

Nobody likes any of this, but Activision is far from the only ones doing it, and in some respects, they are better than how others approach DLC. If they have day one maps then I'd be pretty pissed, but so far they have sold their maps in a standard manner.

It's too expensive for me personally, but I prefer their "go big or go home" model over the "bits and pieces/exclusive store purchase" model

gorebago2780d ago

Ot but along the same lines - they raised the price of cigarettes in my state of ny to around $10 a pack. I still see lots of people smoking.

If people like something, like more maps and zombies they'll buy it. I have a couple of buddies who only play COD. While kind of sad, the $45 extra they spend doesn't really matter when compared to what hardcore gamers spend on gaming year round. Like me.

I for one can't wait until tomm afternoon.

MaxXAttaxX2780d ago

I better get an entirely new game...

Shmotz2780d ago

The way I see it Treyarchs map packs actually have more value since the extra Zombie map is imo worth much more than $3.

MintBerryCrunch2780d ago

im still trying to figure out whose genius idea was to have sarah michelle gellar apart of the DLC

had it been Mila Jovovich...i honestly believe that she would be able to sell the DLC better due to the zombie connection

MasterD9192780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Sarah Michelle Gellar costs a lot less than Jovovich...Buffy's been off the air for a while and she hasn't done much besides Scooby Doo in recent years.

Plus- look at the other actors..Danny Trejo? Freddy Kruger? What do they have to do with zombies? Freddy was a burnt villain and Trejo killed vampires...The whole thing could have been set up better.

antauwnehart2780d ago

More consperacy theories eeeh! Seems like these noob journalist are worse then the negative bull they spew from their own mouths about big publishers like activision,sony and microsoft!

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