Sony complies with Congress request, but won’t testify yet on PlayStation Network outage

With all the freak outages/customer information being taken (which now includes SOE customers as of today.) Congress was bound to get interested in just what the hell Sony was doing. The New York Times obtained a copy of a letter that went to Sony from Congress on Friday...

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movements2758d ago

Rough times for the giant, but this, too, shall pass.

shoddy2758d ago

ps3 doom for no games in the begining.
ps3 is teh doom for 2 years.
bluray is teh doom for 2 years.
PSP is teh doom.
Samsung TV taking over Sony TV.
3d is teh doom for now.
Sony gonna get sue and go bankrupt for being a victim of hacking.

Godmars2902758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

What else are they suppose to do? They likely want to figure out what happened more than Congress.

What would be bad if they ended up being further penalized.

If you want to think that way MS could be pulling a few favors to disrupt them in the US market.

boogeyman9992758d ago

But since they are a big corporation that holds many American jobs at stake I think they do have the power to give the old US of A the finger and say no.

evrfighter2758d ago

you'd put all your stock in them surviving without the US?


I don't know I guess I was expecting this level of stupidity before I clicked this article. PS3 fanboys never fail.

Fox012758d ago

You heard it here first; Sony doesn't need the US, it's the US that needs Sony.
BTW thnx Sony for leaking Bin Laden's account, we couldn't have done this without you.

SupahJ2758d ago

Sony should honestly just be left alone. Everyone keeps distracting them while they try to fix this. They are doing the best they can!

Warprincess1162758d ago

I know. I hope the FBI hurry up and find these losers.

Elven62758d ago

Why? These type of organizations keep corporations in check to ensure they are acting with regulations and law. They only help consumers in the end, would you rather these watchdog organizations just disappear and the corporations can have their way with consumers?

Further, the team dealing with repairing PSN and the team dealing with government organizations would be two different teams. It's not like Kaz is the only person working at Sony on the issue. ;)

gamingdroid2758d ago

Kaz is the only guy there doing real work... everyone else just enjoys their salary. Sounds like government workers.

Xanatos20002758d ago

No PS3 owner but sony's handled this well

BrianC62342758d ago

They've handled it as well as they can at least. Congress is full of grandstanders. They want the country to think they're protecting us. Phonies.

jrisner2758d ago

pointless article is pointless. No shit they are complying.

boogeyman9992758d ago

You're acting like they had no choice in the matter. There has been plenty of companies that snubbed Congress when it comes to stuff like this. Walmart, Target, McDonald's, should I go on?

Otheros002758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )


My reply was for your last sentence. Also, I didn't hit disagree.

boogeyman9992758d ago

How can you guys not agree? Are you saying Sony had absolutely no choice in this? Or are you two just trolling?

Bigpappy2758d ago

They had no F'ing choice. This is the best and easyest way for Sony to deal with this. It is not like they are up for Murder. The Gov just want to see what the F is going on and what and how will Sony try to prevent it from happening again. They are not seeding in Navy seals, just asking some questions.

And no, the US does not need Sony to create jobs. If Sony is not around, some other company would step up to the plate and replace them. Even companies like M$, Ford, McDonalds ..., are all replaceable.

gamingdroid2758d ago

The choice depends on how much financial support they have given to the politicians.

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