Morality in gaming, is it needed?

Morality has become the gaming theme of this generation. Black, and White, Good vs. Evil with some choices doing nothing to impact the long term plot. Gamers have experienced morality in games such as Fallout 3, Mass Effect, GTA IV, Bioshock as well as several others. Goozernation takes a look at the bigger questions and asks is morality really needed? Why do gamers always have to make a choice with consequences?

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christheredhead2759d ago

i like morality choices in games. its gives me replay value, choice, decision and non linearity. its not like its needed in every single game but i enjoy games with a morality system in place. for me its not necessarily about being good or bad in the game but making choices with different outcomes and open ended decisions. it also gives me replay value, going through taking different routes and scenarios.

i can definitely see how someone would want a more linear, straight forward story though. i would imagine some gamers dont want to go back replaying a 30+ hour game just to make a different choice. like i said, i enjoy going back and doing 2 full playthroughs for both or multiple choices so i welcome the system.

JimmyJames702759d ago

Well said. I completely agree.

awiseman2759d ago

It makes the game more fun....Fallout 3 is a textbook example.

NukaCola2759d ago

Agree. i really like New Vegas. The morality system in that game isn't black and white. Factions have different views and the choices you make with them all differ. I don't want just a right or wrong answer, I love it when it's hard to make the right dicisions because of so many factors of the outcomes.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2759d ago

It's a nice little touch but it's never handled realistically. Making the good or bad choice is always so obvious. Wish there was a game that blurred the line a little.

kube002759d ago

What about games where morality is present but doesn't matter that much, say Bioshock?

Sam Fisher2758d ago

o god yes, imo bioshock was poorly implemented with the whole moral thing

Game0N2759d ago

i prefer the subtlety of bioshock when it comes to morality, it's controlled but you still feel like you've made the decisions yourself.

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The story is too old to be commented.