3DS AR Card tattoo works surprisingly well

GamePron writes: "More than a month after release, the novelty of the 3DS still hasn’t worn off, with gamers still finding new and interesting ways to use the technology. We’ve seen people experimenting with the handheld’s augmented reality (AR) cards, printing them off really big or putting them in interesting settings, but today we’ve found a gentleman who’s taken things one step further – by permanently tattooing a 3DS AR card onto his forearm."

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DlocDaBudSmoka2779d ago

I don't care about it being a dupilcate. i think that the tat of an AR card and it works is the shit tho!!!

cheetorb2779d ago

Insane Clown Posse?!?! What are you, retarded?

Rybakov2779d ago

ummmm who cares those AR cards were a joke....old movie trick

Shackdaddy8362779d ago

You really got a tattoo of one of those? Wow...

P.S. Your arm is chubby. Go work out a little.

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