Iwata’s responds to GDC backlash, believes his speech was misunderstood

Satoru Iwata's GDC speech gained quite a bit of attention, though not for the right reasons.

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oghost852784d ago

I agree with what Iwata is saying. i don't need to inject my own opinion to explain why. this article is as clear as it can be.

dgroundwater2784d ago

I do remember reading that mistranslated comment. I mostly agreed with it, but this is still a welcome response anyway.

MintBerryCrunch2784d ago

honestly when i look at a game like Angry Birds or anything developed for phones it makes me think of flash games and casual gamers

that is why there is a distinction between mobile games and video games

plus i dont see what is so wrong with his devs could bring their games to consoles, yet its as though they continue taking baby steps to enter the console market

dedicatedtogamers2784d ago

C'mon Iwata. You were right. Don't worry about what those whiners say. The profitability of the game industry is in decline and people need to wake up to that fact.

If mobile games are soooooo great, then try charging $15 for them. How about $20? How about $30? Wii Fit launched at 90 freakin' dollars and it has sold over 22 million units. Obviously people are willing to pay top dollar for something they want.

The reality (that all these iPhone devs don't want to admit) is that your games sell because they cost $0.99. No one expects much out of your games. Try making a $50 and let's see how you do.

zeal0us2784d ago

Sure no company want "garbage developer" but its best if you don't flat right out say it. Words affect others differently, what he said could encourage some but discourage others.

I don't really see anything wrong but he should probably at least respond to the backlash sooner.

Otheros002784d ago

What I don't want are garbage games. If those "garbage" developers make a very good quality game then I will buy.

RememberThe3572784d ago

So people were pissed that that he said something true but it turns out thats not what he said at all?

I mean, really, those social/smartphone games generally suck. Why would people defend shitty games? And on top of that the media completely took his words out of context. So they were pissed off about a true statement that he didn't even make. Well done gaming media, well done...

PS360WII2783d ago

You mean to tell me some journalist only clipped out a half a sentence from a full speech and switched the wording around to make it sound like he was saying something mean spirited?! Surely not ;)

He had a point though. Why sell yourself short when you have a good product. Only SE is really setting the app store up with high priced games and they only go up to 15 bucks on the store. Most devs can only get away with 6 dollars on the spp store. They are setting themselves up for hard times specially when a good game is released for a low 99 cents.