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"Myself and the guys are half way through our time with the Gears of War 3 Beta. Last week it seemed all of us were roughly introduced, not only to Team Deathmatch (the only mode available at the time) but the gameplay of Gears all over again. New modes, a better take on the available weapons and our experiences as a whole are forthcoming…"

-John from That Gamer Hub

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Rybakov2759d ago

its like every other gears...over powered shot guns and all the char models look the same least this game isnt as brown as the last two but its still lacking color

ECM0NEY2759d ago

I agreed bc why [email protected] with perfection?

I love Gears!

Rybakov2759d ago

im fine with the game play and i would just prefer some more color and distinctive char designs......even Anya is really freakin bulky and looks like everyone else

bluegreenman2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

are you serious! anya looks great. You are a troll for sure. The animations in Gears 3 are top of the line. You wont find a flaw in any animation. what kind of gamer are you!?!

Mc Nasty2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

It seems to me you haven't played the beta judging by what you just said because thats what it looks like, your trolling pretty hard there buddy or at least that what it looks like but who knows?

Lets get NASTY!!

earbus2759d ago

Got it last night noticed better character models and graphics off the bat didnt shoot much too busy looking for glitches too help the beta.

peeps2759d ago

at first I was quite enjoying it but then all the little annoyances and balancing issues started to appear such as:

You down someone but because they took so many bullets in the first place you need to reload to finish them off, whilst reloading their teammate instantly heals them or they have chance to get behind cover. In fact a big annoyance is that people no longer bleed out!! means that now long range firefights are pretty pointless as chances are you'll down someone but they will be behind cover.

Speaking of cover although I think the ability to stun an opponent when vaulting over cover, combining it with the 'teleport' to cover makes it feel pretty broken.

manaxknight12759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

i was playing ctl over the weekend and on check out map, sum douche did a cheat while he was leader and somehow managed to stay in the middle of the map so no one was able to capture him. I however don't know how to contact epic to tell them about the glitch.

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