Trailer: Ever 17: The Out of Infinity for Xbox 360 Released

JI writes: "Ever 17: The Out of Infinity for Xbox 360 has a brand new trailer here released today. The game which has made appearances and seen release on the Sony PlayStation 2, Sega Dreamcast, Windows PC, PlayStation Portable, and now heard to Xbox 360 in Japan this July."

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SpaceSquirrel2780d ago

I hope they bring Ever 17 to the west

Hitman07692780d ago

I'm all for graphic novels hitting the consoles. I just wish we had a USA release date for this.

Drjft2780d ago

Some good shit coming out in the non-mainstream channels.

iWishTifaWasReal2780d ago

looks CLICHE
anyway, The only good Microsoft EXCLUSIVE visual novel game ive played is "Steins;Gate"
i doubt this will sell if they only show not interesting concept of the game.
in other words, bad marketing.

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