Microsoft: Xbox 360 with Built In HD-DVD Drive On The Way?

In some exciting news for HD-DVD fans, Scott Browning, one of the most experienced CE retail marketing executives in Australia, has revealed that Microsoft is preparing to launch a new Xbox 360 console featuring a built in HD-DVD drive.

"The fact that movie houses like Paramount are behind the HD-DVD format along with the like of DreamWorks is key. I believe that more content providers will get behind the format and that the likes of Microsoft who are big supporters of the HD DVD format will bring out an Xbox with a built in HD DVD player. This is a given."

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predator4075d ago

if this is to be true, will games then be put onto hd-dvds, and will the price stay the same or what

fenderputty4075d ago

they won't play games on HD-DVD's since the other 11 million current users won't be able to read the disks.

marinelife94075d ago

Why didn't Microsoft just do this from the beginning?

One more reason to wait to get a 360. First it was 65 nm but I still held off when they had problems. Now I'll wait until they come standard with the HD-DVD drives.

Alvadr4075d ago

They wont put games onto HD-DVD for the same reason they wont release games that require a hard drive...

...And the reason is because their install base wont mean s**t if they did that.

C_SoL4075d ago

then all xkox360 users will have to buy an new Xbox..that sucks for all of you. anyways i don't believe their gonna do this....but i might be wrong.

SCThor4075d ago

since at this point all xbox 360 have DVD drives built-in and the HD-DVD ad-on is ONLY for movies and NO firmware update can change that.

Richdad4075d ago

I still think that micrsoft compresion technology is strong enough for current time but if more MMO and games like borderlands gerne may make microsft to go for this move after 2-3 years, then this could be good. Also, I can certainly tell that current 360 users will not have to worry since the price of HDDVD drive when such a situation arrives will be near abt 100$ or even lesser, since situation like that will never happen before 2-3 years (if its gonna happen). But it will be whole lot better for a 360 user to buy whole PS3 of 500$. So even if some one buys any 360 today he could be assure of that quality of games will not degrade and also one could modify his or her 360 with very little amount of money later on.



Even if MS would put games on HD-DVD, early adopters could just buy a HD-DVD drive, they wouldn't need to buy an entire new 360...

Anyway, people would feel cheated if MS do that (I would love and take a 360, space is never too much for a game, but I'm not an early adopter) so most like this is just not happening.

SlappyMcTaint4075d ago

You know, I agree that if they did this, they'd phuck over their install base, but you know what? M$ doesn't give one flying fcuk about you, the 360 owner!! Seriously, all they care about is winning -not one little scrote of a d!ck for their customers.

Sad thing is, xbots will buy it all over again and still complain about the PS3 being TOO EXPENSIVE, even though you dumbass 'bots will have bought 2 xbox's.

PopEmUp4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

I think they should let the game play on hd-dvd that way they will loose all the fanbase they currently got, HA just kidding you guys . By the way if it true man ain't they screw (we're so Fack)

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ReBurn4075d ago

I wouldn't expect to see games on HD-DVD in this generation. That would alienate 10+ million users in the install base.

Dannagar4075d ago

It's very common for Electronic equipment to get updates on a yearly basis. An example of this would be TV's or PC's. The Likely hood is that Microsoft would just exchange the regular DVD drive for an HD DVD Drive. Its unlikely that Publishers would start putting their games on HD DVDs. That would divide the market and confuse consumers. It would be no different then Microsoft adding the HDMI port.

IRISHCALIBER4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

If any format could cross this barrier it would be HD-DVD, let me tell you why. HD-DVD is DUAL FORMAT!! DVD-9 on one side and HD-DVD on the other making it playable through either SKU#. Also, this is the perfect time to replace the Elite Price tag with this new HD-DVD SKU# keeping it afford ably in the $400 range even keel with the 40G PS3 only a 10x better value. HD-DVD theirs no stopping you now!

- No problem as is most games in production of the next year or 2 will be fine on the DVD9s with no worry of content loss.

- Anyone ever hear of collectors or limited edition 2 disc sets well this is where they make their 1st move in consolidating content.

- costs are going down all over the board and if Blu-ray developers can still turn a profit with a serious lack of content to justify it's space than HD-DVD can be supplied and used the same.

- As for the 11 mil, well the games will be the same for quite a while DVD-9 will hold most games releasing over the next couple of years and if their is expanded content only an HD-DVD can hold than that can be dealt with in time different ways. Either way those that adopted the 360 early like I did have been playing great games, and will continue to. I am realistic in understanding the year lead was very important for software development time. The ends justifies the means! I my self will switch when it is necessary as I have a HD-DVD add on and prefer not to use my 360's drive to play movies. In other words when they start making games that need that much space then I'll consider an updated 360.

Hatchetforce4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

You seem to ignore the fact that HD-DVD isn't going to make a difference for games. Producing material that will only be for a small number of players isn't going to sit well with the other 11 million 360 owners. They will feel deprived.

Also there isn't money in such as move as putting HD-DVD material on the other side of the disk. Unless there is additional material there is no benefit since the HDDVD can read DVD9. Who pays to develop that extra material? Fairies? The Boogie Man? Charles Manson? Santa? Sorry but there is a huge hole in your theory since there has to be a way to recoup the extra development costs.

Now you also have to deal with the fact that a dual sided disc is more expensive than the standard DVD 9 that 99% of 360s would be using. Where does that free money come from? You need to come back to earth.

SlappyMcTaint4075d ago

you are a fecking retard!! Go away xbot and pass over here whatever you're smoking, cause it's gotta be some serious reality-bashing stuff!

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Devr4075d ago

It'll be interesting to see how much this thing costs.

toughNAME4075d ago

if i bought a game system for a format..i would buy PS3..cuz blu ray seems to be 'winning' so far

but i didnt...

aslong and the xbox 360 continues to produce better exclusives and better multiplatforms...i really dont care what MS does???

Sangheili854075d ago

I agree.
I don't care for the format. I purchased a 360 for games. Which so far it is doing very good at. The new prices are making me want to get a PS3 just mainly because i want Blu-ray. I got a HD add on for my 360 for 80 bucks through a friends work. I don't care which format wins or fails. I'll have both. I only care what game console does what it is meant to do. Make Great games!

reaperxciv4075d ago

who cares, as long as the games have class

AnalFace4075d ago

wow an xbox 360 with a dead format drive.. what a great idea!!! go microshaft!