IGN: A White Knight Chronicles Twofer

IGN: "White Knight Chronicles might not have been the most exciting game for many PlayStation 3 owners, but there's good reason to be excited about its sequel -- especially if you enjoyed the original. With two games in one, an overall experience promised at more than 100 hours of gameplay, JRPG fans are bound to get a lot of bang for their buck. And that doesn't even include the scores of hours you can achieve through multiplayer, which makes its return from the original White Knight Chronicles and this time supports up to six players at a time."

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Redempteur2779d ago

"As for myself, I found the 15 or 20 hours I spent with White Knight Chronicles to be fairly fulfilling, albeit one-dimensional. "

20 hours only ?another one who only played the story mode once and never touched the online ...

ThatCanadianGuy2779d ago

Yeah seriously.The online was the best part of it.Last save file i checked was over 800+ hours.Haven't played in months tho.Looking forward to WKC2 !

BiggCMan2779d ago

800 hours holy shit! You know its interesting, I have seen average reviews for this game by critics, but real gamers on forums and whatnot say this is an excellent game. I think I will trust your words over IGN and other sites. I wanna try this game out eventually.

WildArmed2779d ago

Aye, I facepalm @ reveiws that never played online.
You are going to bitch about a game by only playing 1/4th of it's content?
fuck off >.>

I spent 800 hours, and still do here now and then in WKC.
Looking forward to WKC2 <3

remanutd552779d ago

cant freaking wait !!!!!! loved the first one

iWishTifaWasReal2779d ago

eyy IGN is supporting J-RPGS


dun dun dun dun dun~dun

k, ill stop now

txboy9032779d ago

this was a good game. i have about 1300 hrs on it. cant wait till august to play part 2

Chocoboh2779d ago

Didn't buy the first one but I will definitely buy the second one

2779d ago
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