G4: Green Lantern Hands-On First Look Preview

G4: "Developed by Double Helix Games , and written by longtime comic book scribe Marv Wolfman, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters doesn’t follow the plot of this summer’s upcoming Green Lantern film. Instead it picks up some time after the events of the film, and takes place in the same universe of the movie.

You won’t be spending any time on Earth in this game. Instead, you’ll be taking Hal Jordan through conflicts and adventure on Oa, the home planet of the Green Lanterns, and two other planets from the comic books (Zamaron and Biot) in both ground-based combat and some flight levels."

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oghost852780d ago

Rental!. and thats even pushing it lol. Instead can I be the guy who gets payed to play this?

archemides5182780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

i would buy games like this (and thor and captain america) for $20, but since it still has a high price tag I will either wait till it's $20...or lose interest in the meantime. i mean seriously when it's obvious they haven't put as much into the development (some of the stuff like the ground and lighting looks like ps2), how can they expect people to pay as much as a AAA game. i will say that green lantern has a seemingly higher production value than thor or cap america. but still even at (effectively) $37 at amazon it's too much. $27 and i'd think about it on release.