Ubisoft opens movie studio, Assassin's Creed movie a possibility?

TechNoid writes: "Ubisoft opened her first official movie studio earlier today. A movie studio that will focus on game-related movies and tv-series.

With this news came speculation for a possible Assassin's Creed movie."

Read more, and watch the Assassin's Creed II promo movie, after the click.

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rabidpancakeburglar2780d ago

I would love to see an assassins creed movie as long as it didn't feature famous actors doing frightfully bad accents

BK-2012780d ago

A movie would suck considering how bad the story already is in AC.

Jellzy2779d ago


The Storyline is what makes the game unique and is arguably the best thing about the game.

jeseth2779d ago

While everyone has the right to an opinion and I respect yours, I respectfully disagree jellzy.

I think that Desmond and the Animus could be ruled out completely and it would have resulted it a tighter story and for me, a more enoyable game.

I don't like switching back and forth playing out something that has already taken place to tell a story in the present.
Ubisoft has done a great job with their visions of the locales for these games and I would have rather spent the entire time playing the game in that setting. As Ubisoft apparently planned sequel after sequel (which is watering down the franchise IMO) why could they just built to the present day with each sequel creating a better story arc instead of flipping back and forth.

As for a movie . . . god I hope not. Unless Peter Jackson does it or something, someone who gives a sH%# (unlike the makers of Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat, Street Foghter, Prince of Persia, etc. etc. Too many video game movies are just butchered up and packaged with nothing in mind but $$$, 7 eleven slushy cups, kids backpacks, lunch boxes, and t shirts.

2fk2779d ago

an AC movie would be awesome

ReddTN2779d ago

Ubisoft is capable of writing great stories, but we've all seen game-based movies fail before.

As long as they ban that Uwe guy from the set, it just might turn out alright.

Led-Zeppelin2779d ago

Would rather it not be made if its going to be bad and just used for money grabbing, But if they are intending to make a movie that is based truly on the games then I'm cool with that.

Hairy Chewie2779d ago

Out of all games, AC is probably one of the games that has the best chance of being converted to a decent movie.

nskrishna22779d ago

Dang you beat me to it

But I agree...of all the games made in recent times, Assassin's Creed has the best chance of actually being a good movie instead of the crap we usually see..

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The story is too old to be commented.