PSN Update: Sony Comments on Security and Account Verification

Sony has addressed new details on PSN and the new security the system’s online interface will utilize, but this also brought about questions of account validation and how would previous security methods work in this transition.

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kyl2772781d ago

I hope they get a security system as good as steam's, steam guard is very useful and combined with gmail 2 step verification it means the chances of my accout being hijacked are virtually nil

blumatt2781d ago

It's possible since they're a lot closer now, with Portal 2 being released with Steamworks support and Cross Platform play between PC and PS3.

They're newfound relationship might help Valve help Sony.

FACTUAL evidence2780d ago

I know this isn't about features but while they are at it can we PLEASE get a name change feature on the psn? I mean only thousands are asking for it.. -.-

Craptain_Steel2781d ago

So my brothers broken ps3 is what it needs to be reset on? Great.

BrianG2781d ago

It is great, just call customer service. They are nice people, called them a few times before.

shadowknight2032781d ago

I once had a jerk who was very sarcastic..but that was once out of like 6 different occasions.

gaffyh2781d ago

@Craptain_Steel - I just added an alt source from a story that was live a few hours ago. I was also thinking the same thing, but apparently that's not the case.

Ser2781d ago

"or through a validated email confirmation."

Didn't you see that? ^

DaTruth2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )


*quickly leaves to change access code for email that is the same as my PSN code*

Yeah, I hate remembering ten different codes!

Edit: Problem solved!

colonel1792781d ago

No.. you won't need your brother's broken PS3. They will release a firmware update to change passwords, this is the password that will need the ps3 your create it on in order to change it again, although will not be the only option.

Venom2152781d ago

i just cant wait for it to go live.

slaton242781d ago

disagrees he isnt talkin about live(360), he is talkin about it goin online

BubbleSniper2781d ago

look at the assholes who dont want PSN to go back up... sometime N4G users r similar to indigestion...

slaton242780d ago

tell me about it...i just wish fanboys stay with there on topics because all it does it starts a mess...but yeah cant wait until psn is back I see almost on everysite may 3rd

Nodoze2781d ago

Sony's road to recovery

Step 1. Fire the hosting provider IMMEDIATELY
Step 2. Sue the hosting provider
Step 3. Locate a new SECURE data center
Step 4. Bring PSN back online

BubbleSniper2781d ago

they polly, already did somethin like that

they fast trackin this as much a multibillion $ company can

C_Menz2781d ago

This is an old article... Sony already said today that any ps3 you have used before with an account(an activated the psn name one or downloaded something) will work once the PSN comes back up. Why are people still fear mongering?

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