Top Five Franchises We Can't Wait to See on Nintendo's Next Console

The successor to the Wii has been officially confirmed for launch by Nintendo. What games should the Big N launch alongside the console or, at the very least, release shortly after the system hits store shelves?

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kyl2772785d ago

F***ing Lylat Wars! 3DS can have a remake and the new console can have a (worthy) sequel!

Chocoboh2784d ago

I'd take Donkey Kong off and put Pokemon on. Seriously if they make a next gen Pokemon game with an up to date list and an awesome networking system with firmware updates every now and then it would be the best Pokemon game evar

it would sell like hotcakes, probably like a few hundred million

cliffbo2784d ago

how about a NEW game and not another remake i would like to see nintendo actually do something innovative for achange i know it is blasphemy to suggest it.

VampiricDragon_2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

how dare you say anything nintendo does isnt innovative.

Its thanks to nintendos innovation that you can even type that on a video game site.

@ below
They didnt invent gaming but they brought it back from death. Revolutionized console and handheld gaming. Invented 3d platformers and action adventure games.

And they have about 20 franchises.

BlmThug2784d ago

What Are You On About ? Nintendo Didnt Make/ Create Gaming, They Are Just A Game Company Who Has 3 Franchises And Milks It I.E Pokemon, Mario & Zelda

KeiserSosay47882784d ago

While I disagree that Nintendo hasn't done anything innovative, I do agree that they need some new franchises. It's almost like they get a free pass with theirs because they're so old they are deemed "classic"....I want something other than Mario, Zelda, or Metroid. Awesome games but, seriously! What other company could get away with making sequels and reboots for this long. I just want a COMPLETELY NEW FRANCHISE from Nintendo. Which I know they can.

VampiricDragon_2784d ago

In the last 10 years nintendos made golden sun, warioware, pikmin, brain age, xenoblade, ect

thats about as many new franchises as anyones made

TheSanchezDavid2784d ago

Just out of curiosity, if Nintendo were to make a new series or a couple of new series, what genre would you like the company to delve into more?