Hi-jacking the Sony viral marketing campaign for Shadow of the Colossus

Back when Shadow of the Colossus was nearing release, Sony started a viral marketing campaign to promote the game. But during the event, someone hi-jacked their campaign and made the thing spin off creating more hype in the process. Sony of course never said anything as it worked even better.

The person who did this came forward and let Team ICO Gamers know what happened behind the scenes.

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squallsoft4074d ago

whoa, thats a cool story behind a cool game

gololo4074d ago

awesome...I never heard of the "giantolgy" it still up?

alexrowetos4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

No, sorry. Sony took it down shortly after Shadow's release. But luckily enough some pages were archived:

sandip7874074d ago

lol will someone summarise that whole thing? i read it but im so tired, its not registering.
but i want to know what its about. doesnt have to be long :D

alexrowetos4074d ago

Basically a guy continued a story which Sony came up with to promote Shadow of the Colossus. He registered an e-mail address which Sony listed on one of the viral blogs and started sending e-mails to all those who were looking if all these stories about giants being found were true. Sony then adjusted their own story to accomodate his twists.

demolitionX4074d ago

Shadow of the Colossus 2 is coming guys, but sony is disclosing any info about the game. I heard that they began the development on february 2007.
I hope it's true!!! cross ur fingers guys!!

alexrowetos4074d ago

Yes, they are working on something for sure. In February 2007 the team started looking for new members, just like you said. Development would have started a bit before since it wouldn't be financially viable to start looking and employing new people if you're not going to use them straight away.

More info: