Microsoft’s gain, Sony’s loss: Black Ops map pack hits Xbox Live tomorrow

While Sony writhes in agony over its PlayStation Network outage, Microsoft’s Xbox Live online gaming service is about to launch another exclusive coup: the latest map pack expansion for multiplayer gaming in Call of Duty Black Ops launches on Tuesday.

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Joni-Ice2456d ago

Dumb Article. So why did Sony loose again? The entire article was pretty much about Black Ops.

NukaCola2456d ago Show
Focker4202456d ago

Who cares?? The world doesn't revolve around call of duty.

Winter47th2456d ago

"Microsoft’s gain, Sony’s loss: Black Ops map pack hits Xbox Live tomorrow"

Is this guy retarded? the maps are timed-exclusive anyhows so how is this this a loss by any means?

NiKK_4192456d ago

Why is everyone getting marked for trolling anytime they say anything about loner

DeadpoolBub2455d ago

Sony loosed because they couldn't find any tight pants.

Sony LOST because this guy wants people to read his article, so he had the title be about PSN.

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NYC_Gamer2456d ago

the map pack would be timed exclusive to xbl regardless of psn being up

labaronx2456d ago

thats been the case for the last 2 releases'''

talk about reaching

Neko_Mega2456d ago

Yep, just a site needing hits.

Dart892456d ago Show
2fk2456d ago

when does ps3 ever get cod map packs before xbl..not fair but it is what it is

joeyisback2456d ago

sony loss ? lmao no we have games xbox doesnt so microsoft buys dlc for one month or a yr then ps3 gets it but ps3 gamers move on by then bc ps3 has more games 360 has no games

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The story is too old to be commented.