Hey, PSN pirates: thanks for showing me life beyond Netflix

GGTL: "The PSN downtime has transformed the internet into a circus.

Chairs are flying in forums, angry citizens of PlayStatantia are grabbing pitchforks and torches and and marching on their frantic daimyo, and Xbox connoisseurs are high-fiving in champagne-baths whilst lighting cigars wrapped in money. What was once an arena commented on by jeans-and-tee-shirt-clad games journalists, has now escalated into a anarchic street brawl covered by CNN, the BBC, and even Al Jezeera."

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cowkimon2784d ago

No Portal 2 multiplayer, no Netflix... what else in life is there?

Biggunz2784d ago

I can still watch netflix on my PS3 but my nephew had this happen to him yesterday and now he can't use netflix anymore.

NiteX2784d ago

What's really funny is that you can get Netflix to work still.

upturned22784d ago

Yea but now I can't do it. I used to have it working when others didn't, now it went away for me too. Damn! being unlucky. Damn it in the ass.

UNCyrus2784d ago

Still works for me... Used it last night

RioKing2784d ago

Still works for me too! =D

jrisner2784d ago

will this stupid article posting ever end. It's the same shit over and over again. We get the point. what more can be said about it.

gypsygib2784d ago

Netflix stil works for me on PS3, I was watching it today. It asks you to sign in twice which fails, says PSN is under maintenance, then still lets you watch all the movies you want.