Gamers to battle for a chance to play at E3 2011

Weeks before the biggest video game trade show in the world takes place, gamers around the country will have the chance to duke it out at their local video game store for an opportunity to participate in and be showcased at the coveted Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). National video game retailer Play N Trade has teamed-up with gaming peripheral company Immerz to bring gamers together for a weekend of non-stop action featuring Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops. The free-for-all tournament will aim to find the four best international players.

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JMyers2754d ago

I wish this was opened to the Public, or at least part of it.

E3 will be awesome.

SactoGamer2754d ago

Well, the tournament is. You could get in that way.

Garethvk2754d ago

PAX is a bigger show, #2 in the world behind the show in Japan. While E3 is a trade show and that is where many news items are released as it is in L.A.

BlmThug2754d ago

It May Be Bigger In Numbers But This Is Where All The Developers Show Their Big Guns, E3 Is The Biggest Game Show Ever

Garethvk2754d ago

Not always, PAX is where the Duke Nukem Forever at Gearbox was launched. It is the news point as it is in L.A. and they do not have to travel journalists but PAX is more for the fans. I have noticed more developers and games that are further out. When I first went to PAX I saw games that were 2-4 months out. Now we see stuff that is a long ways out. I will be at both this year again as well as Comicon so cant wait to see what they have.

SpLinT2754d ago

lol @ call of duty. No one that plays COD cares about any other type of game or genre

KingDustero2754d ago

IMO CoD can't be considered a tournament worthy game at all. Which ever team is the best campers will be the one that wins in the end. Skill level means nothing in CoD.

CoD can be fun to just mess around in random public matches, but having a tournament with it is just stupid.