Escapist Magazine: Socom 4 Review

Escapist: " As you make your escape from the city, SOCOM 4 introduces you to the mechanics of the game. You are in charge of two teams of two members each - Gold and Blue which break down to Asian and not-Asian respectively. You command your two teams to hold positions, advance to cover, or take out enemies with the D-pad and the system allows players to queue up orders so that you can time when the teams execute your commands. It works generally well in practice, but there are enough glitches to make it frustrating. Tell the Gold team to advance behind some bricks, sure fine.

If you are off just a bit in your aim, they won't take cover behind the pile but stop just short, leaving themselves open to opposing fire. You can only give orders to places that you can see with your reticule, but it is tough do so when you are in cover so you are forced to try to peak around corners to get the right angle."

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